What do you think about Greenwoods Executive Village in Pasig City?

Hi! I’m planning to buy a house and lot in Greenwoods, Phase 7. I’ve visited this subdivision 5 days ago; and it seemed to be safe and quiet. The seller (of the property) told me that the subdivision itself is relatively flood free. However, after researching in the internet, I found out that the subdivision’s surrounding areas were badly affected by Ondoy back in 2009. Hence, I’m having second thoughts. Also, I read that Pinagbuhatan (the barangay where this subdivision is situated) has the biggest slum area in Pasig; which makes me more anxious.

If you are a current resident of Greenwoods or if you know a lot about this area, kindly comment on its safeness/security; proneness to flooding; accessibility (e.g. is there heavy traffic); general ambience; type of residents/community; and anything about its surrounding areas (e.g. are there nearby slums). In general, do you think buying a property here is a wise investment?

Your comments will be highly appreciated. Please do not sugarcoat. Feel free to state your opinion about this subdivision. By the way, I’ve been living abroad in the past few years; which is why I’m not that familiar with the said area.

Many thanks in advance 🙂

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  • Anonymous
    10 hours ago

    Flooding during Ondoy was a freakish accident caused by your typical incompetent Filipinos managing the flow of water through dams. No doubt, excessive flooding occurred around that area during that little ‘mishap’.

    Also, slums are everywhere in Metro Manila—you can’t avoid the poor in the Philippines, because 98% of the population are patay-gutom, trannies, bakya, baduy, murderers, swindlers, prostitutes, and false christians. The remaing ‘decent’ 2 percent are found in forbes, dasma, and aa—ghettos of the rich.

    i think real estate is still a good investment anywhere in manila coz as long as you have Oh Ep Dabalyus grinding and working abroad, chances are someone will buy your property in the future for you to make a profit.

  • ?
    4 days ago

    Greenwoods Subdivision Pasig

  • Anonymous
    8 days ago

    Safeness/security: I don’t usually talk a lot with the neighbors but I have heard some housebreaking instances in the village. They are not very immediate in responding to crime reports either. The village is not safe for pets either as I always see new posters for missing pets. They are trying to be strict with people coming in the village. Security officers are disrespectful too.

    Proneness to flooding: In my 6 years of stay in the village, I only experienced one major flooding and it was the time of Ondoy. I would say that there’s no major problem with flooding within the village. The problem is on the roads outside the village. Sandoval avenue easily gets flooded.

    Accessibility:There is traffic on rush hour in the mornings. If you are commuting, it may be difficult to look for Taxis or tricycles. Whenever i call (phone) for taxis in the mornings, they frequently say that there are no available taxis. I think they are avoiding Greenwoods since it’s an effort to go in from C5. Mercedes avenue and C Raymundo are not very friendly roads. The line for the tricycle terminal in the Pasig market tends to get long easily. But, there are lots of stores inside the village and supermarkets nearby.

    General ambience: Choose places that are not near the covered courts to avoid noisy events.i think it’s quieter as you go further from the village’s entrance.

    Type of residents/community: I am not sure if this would benefit you but there’s a parish church inside the village and has regular activities.

    There are two condo communities building up along Mercedes Avenue and Sandoval Avenue so the traffic might get worse.

    Anyway, there is traffic anywhere in Manila 🙂

    The bad side for this village is the security. It needs improvement in terms of the process and the officers.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Flooding inside the village is not that bad. But the roads going there remains impassable upto this time. Water is knee deep high but most of the houses there are high enough that the water level remains upto the garage port only. The real question is, how come the water level is not going down? Its been three days already and the condition there remains the same. It’s a good thing I decided to leave and stayed with my mom’s house in Quezon City. It took us 3 kms walking through a waist deep water just to get out of Pasig…

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