what do these phrases mean?

Erre es korakas


na pari i eychi!

i know they are greek, but, as you can see, they are in english letters. please help me. i need to know what they mean.

2 Answers

  • CML
    1 month ago

    ***about na pari i eychi!

    It’s a phrase that means ‘damn it!’, when you’re really close to sth and it slips right off your hands, when you hear about sth unfortunate or sth you don’t like at all.

    ***about erre es korakas

    korakas = crow (that’s the only thing for sure)

    it’s really badly written bc erre es doesn’t mean anything and would have never though it were greek. But if it has to make some sense, someone could write

    e, re, eisai korakas = hey, you! you’re a crow!!

    (well it sounds funny)

    if you have some more info please post back!!

  • >>>Sil>>>
    1 month ago

    Sorry, but it’s not greek, or it’s wrongly written.

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