What do the numbers on a washing machine mean?

For example, the permanent press wash has 12, 8, 4 then Rinse and Spin. I understand they probably correspond to minutes, but I don’t understand what their purpose is… like, is there a separate wash/rinse cycle for each one? So if you put it on 12, it washes and rinses 3 times? Or does it just mean how long it washes for before rinsing? I can hear my washing machine doing all kinds of different things throughout the wash cycle, it sounds complicated. Do you want to set this setting according to how dirty your clothes are, how much clothes you have, or what?

(This is after wasting 15 minutes searching the New Google for info, which now mostly turns up squat.)

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  • AskZilla
    9 days ago

    Stop making things complicated. Are you a scientist??

    It refers to the number of minutes you can set it to wash.

    The amount of time you set the clothes to wash will depend on how dirty they are. The clothes get the same amount of rinses and spins regardless of how long you set the machine to wash.

    Permanent Press and delicate and hand wash cycle (on some models) will sound different than the normal cycle. All of these different cycles have different spin, agitate, fill and drain sequences and speeds

  • Backwoods Barbie
    9 days ago

    It’s the number of minutes it washes.

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