What do the buckets mean in Homestuck?

Ok, so I’ve been a fan of Andrew Hussie’s Homestuck sereis 4 a while, and I’ve heard ppl talk about buckets. I’ve asked my friends what r they 4 and they r like ‘I WILL NOT ANSWER THAT QUESTION!!O///O’ or ‘Idk I haven’t read that far yet…o_O’ < total lie. Some1 plz tell me what it means!

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  • Sabrina
    9 days ago

    Buckets are used in reproducing. They put their “genetic material” (their ejaculations after/during sex) into buckets. There is a bucket for both matesprite and kismesis. Since they are used for inappropriate things, it’s considered perverted to show people your buckets.

    Now your friends were probably too embarrassed to explain what they’re used for. Not that I blame them.

    They put their “genetic material” into the buckets and they are picked up by drones to bring to the mother grub, who takes the material and makes grubs (babies) from it.

  • ?
    9 days ago

    They are basically troll condoms. Like before you ejaculate you are supposed to pull out and aim into the bucket and then the drone will come knocking on the door and that bucket better be full or you will be culled.

  • ?
    9 days ago


    well once i get past the omg not answering that stage…

    buckets are how trolls reproduce. they are used as containers for genetic material.

    …this said in the most scientific way i could think of, i’ll leave it to other for the more blunt response.

  • Rachel
    6 days ago

    buckets are inaprpriate s tuff

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