What do LMV and MCWG class of vehicles stand for?

i was issued smart card DL from jayanagar rto and wanted to know what the full form of MCWG.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    LMV – Light Motor Vehicle (You can drive own board Cars with this license)

    MCWG – Motor Cycle With Gear (You can drive any CC motor cycle with gear and without gear)

  • Ellis
    5 days ago


  • Shabby17
    1 month ago

    Its kinda simple LMV means Light Motor Vehicle…………….and MCWG means Motor Cycle With Gear

  • vk
    1 month ago

    Full form of MCWG-Motor Cycle With Gear

  • Siddhartha N
    1 month ago

    Light Motor Vehicle, motor cycle with gear

  • stiller
    4 days ago

    Rta Full Form

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    light motor vehicle-non transport

  • praveen
    6 days ago


  • Charanjit Singh
    5 days ago

    My driving license LMV-GV and TRANS plz full meaning

  • Sandip
    5 days ago

    what is Lmv-tr

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