What could cause my Weimaraner to smell SO bad?

For the last few months she smells like she is rotting. I do not know how else to describe this horrible smell. I have taken her twice to have her professionally bathed and a couple of days later she stinks again. While she is at the groomer I wash all of her bedding and clean/deodorize her sleep kennel. This is not the normal wet dog or “summer dog” smell. Thank you in advance for any help.


I will take her to the vet. We boarded her at a doggie hotel a few months ago. I wonder if she picked up something there. The smell seems to be coming from her skin, her breath is fine.

I will take her to the vet. We boarded her at a doggie hotel a few months ago. I wonder if she picked up something there. The smell seems to be coming from her skin, her breath is fine.

Update 2:

Also, what is the best food to feed her?

Also, what is the best food to feed her?

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  • Construction Chick
    1 month ago


    I went through this with my Shar Pei – turned out he had flesh eating bacteria and he was literally rotting from the inside out.

    The bacteria was eating his muscles and he smelt like low tide. It was sick!

    He had to go through a regimen of anti-biotics and steriods but the disease had done too much damage to his kidneys and he passed away 8 months later 🙁

    I would get a second opinion – I know what this smell is like and it is not good. Do you have an animal hospital you can take him too?

  • His Wife
    1 month ago

    I have a blue Weimaraner. We feed her Purina One. Not sure what the smell could be. Is she an outside dog? If so, it could be just her sweat. Our Weimaraner, Sierra has never had this problem. (She’s indoor/outdoor.) Hope you get it figured out! Best of Luck!

  • PattyDukes
    1 month ago

    Do they express her anal glands when you take her to get bathed? If not, then that could be what the smell is. Dogs anal glands can become impacted, painful and stinky. You could do this yourself if you had experience or your groomer or vet could help out.

    If this is not the case, then a vet visit is in order. I don’t know how old your dog is, but renal failure can cause a “rotting” smell as well.

    Hope everything works out.

  • canucme278
    1 month ago

    You need to change her food. Putting her on a fish based food will help the smell. Either Taste of the Wild pacific stream formula or Orijen fish formula. Grain free foods are best and I would imagine you are experiencing one of the MANY side effects of dog food with corn, grains ect in it.

    Here is a link for you about dog foods


    Stick with the 5 or 6 star(6 star is best)

    Also just so you know purina one is junk dog food too! The 2 foods I mentioned above are very good foods and I really suggest the fish based formulas they work best for these types of issues. I am on several dog lists and we have had others with these same issues have a great deal of success with fish based foods.

  • Barbara
    5 days ago

    Normally it is your diet or the lack of water that causes urine to smell bad. I knew this living in a house of an adult man (Ex) and my son. They didn’t drink the amount of water I did… As a Diabetic Doctor would tell you or me drink 8 oz. 8 glasses a day…

  • Kitten Toes
    1 month ago

    She needs to go to the vet, not a groomer. She could have an infection of some kind causing the smell.

  • hello
    1 month ago

    Take her to the vet for a checkup–there may be a medical root to the problem.

    Also, what are you feeding her? Bad food = bad skin, bad coat, and bad smell.

    1 month ago

    Where is the smell coming from?

    Has anyone expressed her anal glands lately? Dental check up?

  • Tammy2073
    1 month ago


    All dogs have an odor, some more than others, but a stronger than normal odor that comes back immediately after bathing may be a sign of infections, tooth decay or other maladies such as kidney disease. Try these simple techniques to lessen your dog’s odor. If they don’t result in a normal dog smell, a visit to your veterinarian is advised.


    Difficulty: Moderately Easy


    1Step OneTry switching your dog’s diet to one of the natural brands that are available in pet stores. Use a high quality brand such as Innova or California Natural, or switch to a home made diet containing one third protein, one third vegetables and one third grains. More information on this home-made diet can be obtained from your vet.

    2Step TwoClean your dog from the inside out by detoxifying their digestive system. This is much easier than it sounds. Your local health food store will have the following ingredients, purchase one: barley grass, wheat grass or chlorophyll. Dogs under 10 lbs should get 1/8 tsp twice a day, 10-24 lbs can have 1/4 tsp, 25-50 lbs should take 1/2 tsp and larger dogs can take a full tsp.

    3Step ThreeCombing and brushing your dog regularly will help remove the undercoat which tends to trap moisture and smells or promote yeast growth. Yeast is normally present on your dog’s skin but too much is not good. Bathing with medicated pet shampoo can help this problem.

    4Step FourDo not “over” bathe your dog as it can dry out their skin and make the problem worse. Once every three months is enough.

    Tips & Warnings

    Always consult your veterinarian for persistent pet ailments or changes


    If your dog lives in the house, you may notice a somewhat unpleasant “doggy” smell at times. To eliminate the odor problem and make your dog smell as fresh as a daisy, you can mix up some natural dog odor spray. It has no chemicals, and is healthy for your pooch’s coat and skin.


    Difficulty: Moderately Easy

    Aromatic Dog Odor Spray

    Things You’ll Need

    20 drops geranium essential oil

    20 drops lavender essential oil

    12 drops lemon essential oil

    2 oz. spray bottle



    1Step OnePut the geranium essential oil, lavender essential oil and lemon essential oil into the spray bottle.

    2Step TwoFill the spray bottle with water.

    3Step ThreeShake the spray before each use.

    4Step FourSpray your natural dog odor spray directly on the dog, with the bottle about a foot away. Don’t spray her eyes or face.

    Citrus Dog Odor Spray

    Things You’ll Need

    15 drops citronella

    15 drops lemon essential oil

    25 drops pennyroyal essential oil

    15 drops rosemary essential oil


    1Step OneMix the citronella, lemon essential oil, pennyroyal essential oil and rosemary essential oil in a spray bottle.

    2Step TwoShake the spray bottle to mix all ingredients thoroughly.

    3Step ThreeLet the mixture set for a few days so the odors have a chance to blend.

    4Step FourSpray or sprinkle the citrus dog odor spray on your dog’s coat, avoiding his eyes and face.

    Tips & Warnings

    If you are lucky enough to have fresh mint growing in your yard, infuse some mint leaves in boiling water and allow it to steep for a few hours. Spray a little bit on your dog for an easy odor spray that will also act as an insect repellent.


    You can remove dog odors easily and inexpensively. Follow these steps.


    Difficulty: Easy

    Things You’ll Need



    White Vinegar

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Baking Soda

    Warm Soapy Water

    Laundry Detergent



    1Step OneSplish-splash, give him a bath. A simple bath can alleviate some unpleasant odors. Bathe your dog every 4 to 6 weeks with a gentle shampoo and warm water.

    2Step TwoClean the carpet with baking soda. Since most dogs love to lounge on the floor, odors can linger in the carpet. Sprinkle the baking soda over the affected areas and let set for several hours (even overnight). Finish by vacuuming.

    3Step ThreeFreshen your laundry. If your clothes smell of dog, add apple cider vinegar to your regular laundry detergent. About 1/4 cup added to your laundry detergent should get the job done.

    4Step FourScrub clean the hardwood floors. Use a 3:1 mixture of warm soapy water to white vinegar in a bucket. Mop it onto the surface until the odor vanishes.

  • hockeygirl
    1 month ago

    it could be a parasite,if its smells like sulfur

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