What candy crush level has the most orange candies?

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  • ?
    5 days ago

    Candy Crush Highest Level

  • Raffi
    5 days ago

    252 has got to be it. I am stuck on level 877 and wanted to try the orange boat challenge. So I went back to 252 based on Brian s comments. I played on and off for about 4 hours and racked up over 51,000,000 points. The game just wouldn t end because it was so easy to get extra time, combinations, and explosions. Finally got tired of playing so I stopped making moves to let the time and record the orange candies. I don t know how many I got exactly but definitely much more than the 10,000 I needed.

  • Brian
    6 days ago

    252. It’s a 30 second timed level than can have chain reactions making the game last well over 5 minutes. I’ve gotten over 2000 orange candies in a single game (and less than a dozen in others but the big game will happen). It’s also good for blue, green, and purple.

  • Wishnkrols
    4 days ago

    Level 16…very easy so there is no chance of life loss. I can usually get enough orange candies for “Dexter’s Challenge” in 3 to 5 rounds, especially if you do the two square candy combo. It is a jelly level with limited colors.

  • loooon
    6 days ago

    Level 55

  • Anneska
    5 days ago

    Level 1000! The goal of the level is to get 1000 orange, blue and green. Guaranteeing you will at least get a few 100 even if you dont pas the level.

  • Thakela
    5 days ago

    185 is the best level for orange candies as its the easiest level to gain orange candies loosing very less lives in each level u can get upto 200 to 150 candies

  • amanda
    6 days ago

    Level level 435 has 250 orange, green , and blue to collect. Level 339 has 250 orange to collect, 140 has 99 orange to win.

  • mysticbridge
    5 days ago

    level 1000

  • Niloy Goswami
    5 days ago


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