What are the lifetime coins in temple run 2? Are they just normal?

As an objective I need to gather 100000 “lifetime coins”

4 Answers

  • LoveJoyPeace
    8 days ago

    the number of coins you have collected since you downloaded the app. (including the ones you spent.

    ie. if you currently have 10,000 coins and have spent 5,000 since the app was downloaded, then your “lifetime coins” would be 15,000.

  • Anonymous
    8 days ago

    Lifetime coins are all the coins you collected. But for the “objective to gather 100,000 lifetime coins”. The counting would start when the “objective to gather 100,000 lifetime coins” already on your objectives(level 7). Coins collected and spent before the said objective won’t count.

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    Temple Run 100

  • Charlie
    8 days ago

    I has this problem too yesterday, I ended up deleting the game but still no luck.vI was on 100000 lifetime coins and apparently every time you exit the game and the game closes (doesn’t resume), your lifetime coins will reset. I lost all my progress for nothing. Fix please!

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