what are the full forms of these acronyms: CRISIL; ICI; CARE; ICRA.?

These are credit RATING organizations in India

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  • Hari Loves All
    1 month ago

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    CRISIL : Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited

    ICI: Investment Corporation of India

    CARE: Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere

    ICRA: Internet Content Rating Association

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    CRISIL : Credit rating and information services of India limited

    CARE : Credit analysis and research

    ICRA : Investment information and credit rating agency

    these companies rate rupee denominated corporate bond issues primarily, like Moody’s and S & P abroad. The international agency FITCH Ratings has an Indian presence through Fitch India Pvt Ltd. Moody’s has a stake in ICRA, while S & P has a stake in CRISIL. CARE is owned by indian Institutions such as IDBI etc.

  • Honey Gupta
    5 days ago


    Credit rating information services of India, Ltd. HQ-Mumbai, Estd-1987, CEO- Ashu Suyash

    Credit analysis and research , HQ- Mumbai, Estd- April,1993

    Investment Information and Credit rating agency, HQ- Gurgaon, CEO&MD- Naresh Takkar

    Don’t know about ici as it has no relation with credit rating agency, its only a chemical industry i.e imperial chemical industry

  • ?
    4 days ago

    Icra Ratings

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    ICRA- Indian Credit Ratings agency

  • M.K.S
    6 days ago


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