what are the chances of dying in the marines?

What are the chances of dying in the marines if your in the most riskful MOS which would most likely be any missions in war.

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  • OrlandoRick
    1 month ago

    This has been answered before. But seriously, the answer to the chances dying as a Marine in combat is easiest you look at combat deployments. From all the Marines deployed to Iraq/Afghanistan, only 0.5% died. That means that if you are young male between 18-25, you have a HIGHER chance of dying if you stay in the U.S. as a civilian (1%).

    So yes, amazingly as it is, during those four years of your life, you are safer as Marine Infantry than staying home and working at McDonalds.

  • ExpertHelp
    1 month ago

    1 in 5

  • cantcu
    1 month ago

    Most KIA’s are grunts, but you are MUCH less likely to die in the Marines than in the US Army who does the bulk of the fighting. There is no MOS which is safe from IED’s.

    516 US Army KIA’s in Afghanistan

    129 Marine KIA’s in Afghanistan

    3,842 US Army KIA’s in Iraq

    932 Marine KIA’s in Iraq

    21,988 US Army wounded in Iraq

    8,623 Marines wounded in Iraq


  • Megan
    5 days ago

    Over 2.3 million veterans have served in either Iraq or Afghanistan, some multiple tours. These are their statistics. 7,548 deaths in both Iraq and Afghanistan from 2001 until now, that number also includes coalition troops. Car crashes from 2000 until 2009, a whopping total of 217,860 (appx. 36,000 a year)

  • Rosemary
    1 month ago

    no offense but that was a stupid question, It’s like saying the probability of a coin going heads or tails, you can predict the chances of people but it would always be wrong, because only one person can tell you but You aren’t either Right or wrong becuase You just don’t know, So I would have to predict it would be a 50, 50 shot, You can die or you can’t die, If you are a well trained and fit MOS then that is luck, between life and death that you can’t have a say in. Even if you really want to know the chances.

  • Balls
    1 month ago

    a good chance but alot of people make it back… it really depens on the missions they give you its hard to be sure you might see alot of action “more of chance” or you might not see any at all

    believe it or not people in my family who were in the army are the ones who were MiA “missing in action”

  • jscivic92
    1 month ago
  • SSG M
    1 month ago

    More service members are killed in motor vehicle accidents than are killed in combat. This isn’t WWII or Korea or Viet Nam. When it is your time, it is your time.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Very low

  • ☆SHANi3☆
    1 month ago

    wtf?? you can die doing anything, i don’t think you need to be a Marine

    how can someone predict the chances of you dying?

    always capitalize the ‘M’ in Marines

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