What are the chances of a lizard crawling up my body as I’m sleeping?

there’s a lizard inside the house and my mother wont do anything about it. she even called me a sissy. im sleeping on the floor on an inflatable bed cuz my grandma is visitng and im really really really scared i hate bugs so do they crawl up your body if they see you or what??

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  • Jen
    1 month ago

    lol This made me giggle a little. I’m sorry if that seems insensitive, but it’s just one of those questions you don’t expect to see!

    First of all, lizards are reptiles, not bugs. So, no worries there. Second, lizards are wary of humans or any other creature larger than they are. The chance of your lizard house-guest crawling on you while you sleep is slim-to-none. It would have to crawl up the airbed first, before it got to you. Lizards prefer trees. ; ) 3rd, even if the lizard overcame its inherent shyness of humans and somehow managed to get up the airbed to you, there is nothing it could do to you that would cause any damage. They don’t bite and aren’t venomous, at any rate. If you stirred in your sleep, it would scamper away faster than you can say, “What was that?!”

    If you happen to catch the thing, do this: pick it up by pinching lightly from the back right behind its front legs. Turn it over and stroke its belly gently with one finger. This will essentially put it to sleep; it won’t wiggle or anything. Then you can take it outside and let it roam free in the wilderness. Sweet dreams. : )

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    My uncle was a career Air Force officer who served, among other places, in Viet Nam. Lizards would gather on the inside of the tents. The new guys would freak, and Uncle Eddie and some of the more experienced guys would be very nice and remove those lizards for them. What they didn’t tell them was that they would carry the lizards to their own tents and put them on the ceilings. That’s where they liked to hang out because that was bug level. Lizards, he said, were better than an insecticide. So his tent was relatively bug free while the lizardless guys were bug bitten to pieces. If you don’t like bugs, you should enjoy a nice nole or skink. Besides, have you ever touched one? You won’t believe how soft they are! They feel nothing like they look.

  • Michael M
    1 month ago

    VERY VERY slim!! because lizards don’t like to be around people so I think that the chances of that happening are about 1 in a Million.

  • animalhouser07
    1 month ago

    damn dude i feel for you with that comparison to me being frighten of those centipedes that are mad creepy looking and move like nothing i ever seen before

    but hey man the chances that the lizard might crawl on you or up your pants are so slim that it might never happen plus the lizard would either find his way out of your house or he may die if there aren’t any food sources like a large population of pest but besides that just keep your cool

    good luck 🙂

    1 month ago

    They are not attracted to the carbon dioxide you exhale, relax. Unless they are arboreal lizards, they won’t climb on your bed either. Chances are the poor thing will haul into a moist cavity hoping for safety…

  • boncarles
    1 month ago

    I have lived around lizards for years, and htey are very skittish and won’t come anywhere near you. You have nothing to worry about:)

  • Steward M
    1 month ago

    there is a chance it could happen, lizards are cold blooded, it will find some source of heat to help keep them warm. they are more likely to go towards a constant heat source. you can find out what type of lizard it is by looking on this website. and related links. more than likely it is a “skink. they are harmless but love to eat any insect they come across.

  • Bastion
    4 days ago

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  • patience
    5 days ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    haha lol 2 points

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