What are some good topics for senior project that involve domestic animals?

I would like to do something that involves either animals at shelter, or pit bulls. I have to conduct research and create a magazine article. I’d like to do a topic that requires me to help animals/get others involved in helping animals. I have no idea. Help?

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  • All that Glitters
    1 month ago

    Abuse of animals of all types.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Visit an animal shelter.

    Talk to the women who care for the dogs and cats.

    Interview them and take notes.

    Make ur project along the lines of the interviews u conducted.

    Take photos if u can of the animals and the helpers.

    This will give a positive motivation for adopting these animals.

  • Non
    1 month ago

    talk about how some shelters have to kill dogs and cats everyday because they are being flooded with abused and unwanted animals D:

  • BugalouBlue
    1 month ago

    talk about how animals need rights to protect them from abuse.

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