what are some good gift ideas for my moroccan in-laws??

I am from the u.s. and will be traveling to casablanca this summer to meet my new in-laws. I would like to bring them some nice gifts. any ideas??

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  • ♥ terry g ♥
    1 month ago

    Congratulations on your marriage. I am an American who moved to Morocco to marry a wonderful man.

    Gifts to bring… I brought maple syrup and they LOVED it! There is nothing like it here and my husband’s family used it at every meal until it was gone! LOL Perfume is easy to find here and the Bath & Body Works items I brought are rarely used. Also, cosmetics are personal preference, so I wouldn’t bring those either. My husband’s 21 year old sister LOVED the Old Navy and Aeropostale clothes I brought with me. I also brought good quality chocolates with me and they were very popular. There are amazing pastries and chocolates here, but they are different than what we are used to. Really, anything you bring will be much appreciated.

    Enjoy your trip to Casablanca, it really is a beautiful city. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. There is a link on my profile.

    Oh- My husband just reminded me of this… besides high quality chocolate, bring normal American candy. You can find M&Ms, Snickers and Mars bars here. I brought Hershey Kisses, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Peppermint Patties and we actually used them at our wedding. They were a HUGE hit!

  • andeee
    4 days ago

    Moroccan Gifts

  • nomadic
    1 month ago

    I’m also married to a Moroccan whom I met while working in Morocco. For Moroccan women, good gifts include silk scarves (particularly if they wear hijab – my mother-in-law loves new scarves from other countries), chocolates (Lindt is not available in Morocco, neither are many mint/chocolate or peanut butter/chocolate combinations – Toblerone is also well-loved by my in-laws!). I’ve also brought my mother-in-law quality undergarments and pajamas from the states.

    For men, sports wear (especially if they have a favorite US team) or caps, sneakers (the real brands are hard to find in Morocco), or just your normal father-type gifts if you know he has a special interest (like golf or something). I have brought my father-in-law US sports caps and a Cross pen (no high-quality pens in Morocco) in the past, since he’s a businessman.

  • curious girl
    1 month ago

    Mabruuk (congratulations in arabic)!! and welcome to the Moroccan world!!

    i’m Moroccan and I have american friends, they are wonderful, when they came to visit me a month ago, they brought special chocolate from Chicago, they told me that we can not find this kind of chocolate anywhere else, and it was so special!

    they broght to my brothers stuffs of chicago bulls team, it was a good idea, moroccan boys like the american basketball teams, especially the lakers and chicago bulls…

    the user who proposed the silk scarfs is right, if your mother in low use scarfs, then it would be a good idea,

    if u have a sister in law around the 20’s, then u shoudl know that moroccan girls like to show off with american models, something unique that does not exist in Morocco, may be a cow boy shows, an american cosmetic gamme, or whatever…

    i wish you will enjoy your stay in Morocco!!

    welcome again!

  • jenny
    1 month ago

    You`ve already gotten lots of great ideas. Typical North American sweets are great, fashionable clothes etc.

    -I noticed when I was there that everyone wanted to see pictures of where I came from, my family, even my house. Also, postcards of your town, which you can leave with them. You should definately bring some pics of your parents and family for your new in-laws. They will be so curious. Why not make a (small or bigger ) photo album for them – also of pics of you and your hubby doing stuff in USA (anything – bowling, baseball, picnic….). This is a very special gift for them, because they can envision your (and their son`s) life there. It will also help them to bond to you better, by knowing more about you. Even throw in a few old school photos.

    -If you have a hobby like sewing / knitting, you could make something for them. Even just a pretty tablecloth or something.

    -Also – a picture book (coffee-table book) about the USA – it`s sights, or whatever, or about the area you are from.

    -Maybe some gifts which come from the native indian culture? But something practical.

    -Maple Syrup!!

    My own husband is from Turkey, but we have enjoyed being in Morocco, and have friends from there. Really, my in-laws like the sweets etc. we bring over from Germany / Canada, but the thing my mother-in-law cherishes are the personal things, mostly the photos. I try to send some of the kids and us regularly. I know she proudly shows them to everyone she knows, and it makes her feel closer to us.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    In markets there are loads of souvenirs you can buy which are very cheap but still very nice and traditional For example you can buy a mini tajine which has been hand decorated and looks very nice as an ornament. I bought about 8!! they are sooo cute and r only 50 pence! there’s loads more things like keyrings with names in arabic and english. Also braclets and jewellery. There are also traditional moroccan teapots you can buy.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Some good perfume is a good thing . If it is a women, cosmetics, like make up or u know the already prepared gift of cosmetic is good, like body wash and creams. In Morocco we can nowadays find everything but cosmetics are more expensive and bath things are better in the U.S.

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