What are some good Blood donation pick-up lines?

Donated blood yesterday and so did some really hot guy. I see him around campus and I need a good pick-up line.

Something better than:

Are you type B+? Because I be positive that you are hot!!

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  • ThisGirl;D
    8 days ago

    Can you donate some if your blood to me? Because when I first saw you my heart stopped.

    If I were the doctor, I would have asked you to donate your heart.

    Forget donating blood. I’ll donate my heart to you.

    Is your blood type 0 negative? Because it would sure be 0 so negative if I never got to see you again.

    Is your blood type [insert your blood type]? because you look just my type.

    Is your blood type B positive? Because I’m positive that I want to see you again.

    Hey I saw you donating blood. We have so much in common. What’s your blood type?

  • ?
    8 days ago

    Lol. Are you rh+ because you look like you have the right amount of vertebra?

  • Anonymous
    8 days ago

    They better put that needle in your d!ick because I think you have a bonnar.

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