what are some catchy slogan to encourage people to support ratification of the constitution of 1787?!?!?!?

I need some help please!!!! Help!!

I need:

1.)a catchy slogan

2.)three reasons why states should ratify the constitution

3.)a visual to accompany each reason(just ideas of what to draw would be fine)

Thank You very much!!!

2 Answers

  • Zoe
    1 month ago


    i have the same aassignment.

  • nikolic
    5 days ago

    have you ever carried out your study? the respond is right here: Ratification became into no longer a foregone end. able, articulate adult males used newspapers, pamphlets, and public conferences to communicate ratification of the form. those widely used as Antifederalists adversarial the form for one in each and every of those motives. some persisted to argue that the delegates in Philadelphia had exceeded their congressional authority with the aid of changing the Articles of Confederation with an unlawful new checklist. Others complained that the delegates in Philadelphia represented purely the properly-born few and as a result had crafted a checklist that served their particular pursuits and reserved the franchise for the propertied training. yet another common objection became into that the form gave too plenty skill to the substantial government on the rate of the states and that a representative government could desire to no longer handle a republic this huge. the main severe grievance became into that the Constitutional convention had did no longer undertake a invoice of rights proposed with the aid of George Mason. In manhattan, Governor George Clinton expressed those Antifederalist concerns in distinctive revealed newspaper essays below the pen call Cato, whilst Patrick Henry and James Monroe led the contest in Virginia. D.

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