what are some advantages or disadvantages of solid, shell, and frame structures?

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  • splashdesign
    1 month ago

    Well, there are different factors which are of advantages or disadvantages for the mentioned (solid, shell, and frame structures).

    Weight! .. Solid structures would weigh much more, whilst shell and frame structures would weigh less!

    Then comes rigidity.. solid structures would be most rigid, (since it would be just a block of matter), although one does need to say that frame structures (if built correctly and wisely) are capable of being almost as rigid. Its the same with shell structures, to a less extent though.

    When using frame structures, one could far less material and be able to cross large spans (example in bridges). Girder Beam Bridges are made from a frame structure, and are capable of spanning great distances. If one where to try and substuitute that with just a solid beam crossing a gap, this would collapse on its own wieght. Hence, frame structures are self supportive.

    Then there is the expences concern.. obviously, the more material one uses, the more costly it becomes. therefore, frame structures are cheaper to bulid, even shell structures.

    As a conclusion, one must bear in mind all these factors and try to balance them out to see which of the three (solid, shell, and frame) he should use.

  • Paul
    1 month ago

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