what are map colors on a supply list?

my school supply list asks for these and i dont no what they are

they also ask for a plastic cover for a letter and i also have no idea what they are talking about can anybody help?

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    9 days ago

    You can ask a store clerk. The letter cover might be labled as such might be a clear plastic thing. and you probably could buy a set of colored pencils and the colors will be included.

  • Angel C
    5 days ago

    Map colors are a standard set of twelve colored pencils.

    A plastic cover for a letter are single plastic sleeves to put a sheet of paper in, such as a letter, a report, a supply list, etc.

  • Kasia
    5 days ago

    On my supply list it says PKG Map Colors and i don’t know what that is!!!

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