what are empty thoughts?


I was in the presence of a boy i really loved for a really long time, and was leaving so wasn’t going to see him for at least 2 years, so i was just daydreaming and thinking to myself and after realised it was an empty thought (in other words thinking of complete nothing + no emotion as if i was meditating)

what i want to know is what does it means to have an empty though and no emotions when your about to part with someone you love

thank you all responses welcome 🙂

2 Answers

  • Innovative Mind
    10 hours ago

    It hasnt effected you yet. and if you continue to allow this emptiness to occur. When it will hit you it will be tough and overwhelming. I would find a new hobby or habit to substitute your “emptiness”

    Like making music, art, writing.

    check out a river of keys by alex jackson

    good music and movies with friends always is good to.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Always surround your self with good issues such as pleased thoughts, determination, and individuals who think in you.

    You have to reside by it, and at the very same time have faith and self-confidence in yourself that you are capable of reaching your objectives.

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