Were can I find the Navy Boot Camp RDC orange card.?

They would take it out to punish us a lot. The exercises on that card were great so I wanted to use them for a workout but I cant seem to find them anywhere. I know it included 10 count body builders, running planks, ect. If u anyone knows where I can find it online please let me know.

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  • Anonymous
    7 days ago


    Did a bit of Google searching, this is the best I could find in 5 seconds. I’m sure if you spent a bit more effort, you could find something better.

    I mostly remember 8-Count Body Builders that turned into 20-Count Body Builders, lots of Mountain Climbers, Arm Circles, and a bunch of slow push ups. In A-School they loved to throw in a lot of Burpees with the PT.

  • ?
    4 days ago

    Navy Ite

  • ?
    7 days ago

    If you don’t remember them all- you obviously didn’t do them enough…………

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