We spooned on the first date? Guy’s opinion?

So I went on a date a couple days ago with my co-worker. Nothing extravagant- we just went out and shopped and then went back to his place and he cooked dinner for us. After eating we layed on his bed and watched family guy (he doesn’t have a couch) and first we started cuddling but then that led to us intensely spooning for the rest of the night. I left, and didn’t kiss him. And while we were talking that night we both said we didn’t want anything serious. I feel like we both had such a great time but I’m kind of confused if him spooning conflicts his feelings of not wanting a relationship. I should also mention there’s about a 10 year age gap between us. Thoughts?

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  • ?
    7 days ago

    Well he probably just wants a sexual relationship with you then

  • FJCpink22
    7 days ago

    (It won’t let me edit on my phone)

    I’m asking what him spooning me means if he said he doesn’t want a relationship. Like what message is he trying to give me?

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    What is your question, exactly?

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