We have a car from Jd Byrider. Can we trade it in for a minivan through Jd? ?

Our family can fit in the two cars we have now, but we are trying to have another baby and then there would not be enough room for all of us in one vehicle. So we would like to trade it in for a mini van. I know a lot of people have had issues with Jd, but we have been satisfied so far. My husband has had the car about two years. Thanks in advance!

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Usually they will want you to have your balance down to about $2k before you do so. Think about it this way…

    A loan through JD Byrider usually goes for 4 years. So, you are halfway through the loan. You probably purchased your car for $9k. 1/2 of that will be $4,500 (not including your interest). If you add $4,500+ to another $9,000 car loan you will be putting yourself into a $13,000 loan. That doesn’t include the interest, taxes, and fees that you will be charged on the van purchase.

    If you wait another year I’m pretty sure they can work something out with you.

    Like the other 2 questions said, you will want to contact your JD Byrider to get more details about this. Most likely you purchased from a franchise and they don’t all operate the same way.

    Congrats on the expanding family.

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    i’ve got no longer had the vehicle for twenty-four hours and that i’ve got faith like they screwed me over enormous time. i’m a 19 3 hundred and sixty 5 days old in college and that i’m paying 187 bi weekly besides as yet another 36 biweekly for coverage.. i’ve got faith unwell and used and that i actually do no longer think of i will make the money. They candy talked me and manipulated me and made me sense like I had to purchase the vehicle and it truly merely made me sense insecure and vulnerable. I could have by no potential signed any papers. my interest fee is 21% its a 2009 Pontiac which already tousled on the instant the vehicle bucked together as i replaced into attempting to offer up. i’m so puzzled. they sell undesirable autos.. they do no longer element them or fill your tank up. i replaced into drained and under pressure on the time of the acquisition. I cant try this they are liars

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I think you should ask JD Byrider this question. You’ll get a better answer.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    i wouldnt trade it for another byryder car they just almost KILLED my son with these death traps..they sold him a car w the sub frame bolts gone and there is no way they didnt know that

    and they kept telling him it was fine until you could HEAR the frame twisting and if you sat on either front seat you could literally FEEL the metal that holds the floor of the car seperating thats when i gave my son hell i told him them byryder people may get you KILLED whatever that is seperating if that breaks the front of that car will fly right off at 80 mph and you shouldnt have your GFs son in this car..if you want to die because you dont want to make them honor your warranty fine but i wouldnt have a child in this car & be responsible for his death because thats a death trap ..he went & tried to trade it for a brand new car but the KIA dealer didnt even want it so i took it to try to pay his loan..and jb byryder refused to fix it claiming the warranty was up ..but i had a mechanic take it apart & fix that problem he said that car either had an engine or tranny put in and they didnt rebolt the subframe bolts the car has water pump going now & its had a mystery wiring problem since he got it so ill have to pay $260 to get the rear window fixed for inspection but after reading NUMEROUS cases like mine one womans daughter her car just went from 70 to 20 on the freeway and almost killed her..it had been in a fire & all its wiring burned..and byryder dont want to fix them & the one day made him he tool his car for some type of safety test at the dealer for $750 they said the car was unsafe to drive so did the other ladies mechanic so byryder had to get them both other cars but they BOTH started having major problems w the new cars right away..if you can trade it if not try to get a loan or pay it off on on a 0% interest credit card then you can trade or sell it..they told my son he signed something saying he wasnt allowed to even buy another car for the term of his loan but he knew his frame was ready to snap & he had to have a car for work..so i hope they really cant get him in trouble.what can they really do to him anyway..im paying his death mobile off now but im checking now to also see how to get RID of this car

  • lose40k
    1 month ago

    Good Luck. you probably owe more than what the car is worth.

    high interest means higher payoff, and usually inflated pricing from the start. you need to check the “value” of your vehicle and compare it to your payoff amount.

    call your local JD and ask them if you are in a tradeable situation.

    best of luck

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