We had a power surge last night and now my washing machine won’t work!?

So i think we had a surge last night, im not 100% sure because i wasn’t home at the time but when i got home nothing was working so i checked the safety switch and it has been triggered, so i turned that back on and everything started working again except my washing machine.

It’s a Simpson Front Loader… Not sure what model but anyways, all the lights come on for a few seconds but then i try and start a cycle and they all go off again and the END button keeps flashing and it makes a clicking sound every few seconds.

Any one know what might be wrong with it??

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Power Surges are internal problems..there are tiny power surges..like from the Kitchen Toaster..or more difficult power surges like those Coffee Makers that have you pour water onto a HOT-Coil..and the Drip begins..I have seen my electricty(AC)drop to 109volts(AC)and then Surge–>>130volts(AC)..continuously until the coffee was done..


    If your MAIN BREAKER was shut down..it was most likly external..that power was LOST..


    If only the Washing Machine BREAKER-was thrown/

    and you had that machine running when you left..then there’s your answer(CALL the REPAIRMAN)..don’t mess with electricty and water..


    If you think that a mal-function occurred at the washing machine causeing a Over-Load to shut off the MAIN Breaker–I would wonder about my Circuits..


    At any turn..call a qualified Person..check your WARRANTY..has there been a RECALL on your MODEL#..??[end]

  • Bob 438
    1 month ago

    If your washing machine was OFF at the time of the surge then there would be no damage. Only appliances that where operating at the time of the surge could be effected (frig, furnace, etc.).

    Try disconnecting the washers plug for an hour or so, then plug it back in. Sometimes this will reset the controls.

  • ronald s
    1 month ago

    You say safety switch by what do you mean. Is that the main breaker in your panel or on a power strip with about 6 outlets. If its the one on the power strip remove that and just plug the washer in to the wall outlet.

    If it was the main breaker you may try plugging in a hair dryer on high to see if you are getting enough power. A voltage tester would work better but.

  • Willy r
    1 month ago

    sounds like it scrambled the control board,try unplugging the washer for a few minutes then plug it back in that might work if not you may have to call a repair man

  • fluffernut
    1 month ago

    May sound silly, but unplug it, give it a minute to reset, and then plug back in. Rather like rebooting a stubborn computer…..which may be your problem.

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