vola vola palombella?

can somebody please tell me what is the meaning of thie song ?I know the arabic part….but what is the other language…I love this song…and who is that girl?

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  • Graham
    1 month ago

    This other language is Italian. The song was released for a popular Italian show for children where they often sing songs in two languages. The name of the show is “Lo zecchino d’oro”

    “Vola vola palombella” means “Fly, fly, little dove”.

    The girl’s name is Nadina, but I don’t know much more about her… she must be an arabic native speaker and she’s probably older than 30 now…

    If you want the translation of all the lyrics you should post it all.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Um I think it means “Fly fly pigeon”


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