Vets office on Presidents day?

So i may have an emergency with my dog. I am assuming a bladder stone blocking her urethra. I want to take her to the Vets office in the morning ASAP, but i am not sure if they will be open since it is presidents day, The outgoing message dont say and neither does the website

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  • ?
    8 days ago

    Most regular businesses are open tomorrow. It’s the State and Federal offices that are closed as well as banks. I would call first thing in the morning and if they aren’t open, take your dog to the emergency animal hospital. She’s probably in a lot of pain.

  • Charlotte
    8 days ago

    there will be an emergency vets close by so call up and if they aren’t open then they will redirect you to a 24hour clinic

  • FidosCityGuide
    8 days ago

    most businesses are open.

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