USPS – I got a key in my mailbox to go get a package. No note to tell me where to use the key… Help.?

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  • scoutma53
    1 month ago

    I once lived in an area that had all the house’s mailboxes bunched together and there were a couple of BIG boxes. I’m guessing that the key opens one of those. If this is the case, just leave the key inside that mailbox and slam it shut when you have your parcel.

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    Key In Mailbox

  • postal p
    1 month ago

    Yes there are parcel lockers in the lobby. The key will fit in one of them. Just open the door and you will have your parcel. Just leave the key in the lock. You will not be able to get it out. The postal clerk uses a special key to release it, then the cycle begins for the next person.

  • bonnie
    5 days ago

    After removing my package, do I leave the parcel key in the door of the parcel locker or in my mailbox?

  • Beth
    1 month ago

    go to USPS office…ask the guy at the counter…may have to give address and proof of ID

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