Unopened bottle of Crown Royal from 1966…worth anything?

I’m having dinner at my grandmother’s house for New Years. My fiancé and I just found an old bottle of Seagrams Crown Royal, dated 1966, that belonged to my grandfather when he was alive, who never liked Canadian Whiskey and therefore never opened it. It is in excellent condition, still in the bag, and also the blue box. The box is showing obvious signs of age but is in relatively decent condition. The bottle and bag and nearly perfect.

Is there anyone with experience on the subject that would have a rough idea of its value?

No offense, but we are not interested in guesses that are not coming from experience or education. Thank you in advance for any feedback!


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  • TuggerJ
    7 days ago

    7 Words is right. Whiskey does not continue to age once it is bottled off. That scotch they found in Antarctica 102 years after Shackleton left it there was still 15 year old Scotch.

    That said, your unopened Crown Royal could be worth about $20 and $40 (American Dollars) if you find the right collector – and their interest is going to be in the box and the bag, not the whiskey.

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    Old Crown Royal Bottles

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    There are some 1950’s unopened Crown Royal bottles that go as high as $200. Some later 60’s and 70’s “limited edition” may go as high as $100 depending on how rare that particular bottle may be. If this is a standard 750ml bottle, you may be able to get $30 on Ebay, but not much more.

  • Delspa
    4 days ago

    If you have not sold it and still have it, give me a message. I will buy it from you at a great price. I collect older unopened bottles of crown.

  • Susan
    5 days ago


  • 7 Words You Can’t Say On T.V
    7 days ago

    Here’s the deal

    Whiskey only ages in oak barrels to determine the “year”. So if you age a whiskey for ten years in a barrel it becomes a ten year old whiskey. Regardless of how long its in the bottle. So to start you unfortunately are not in the possession of a 50 year old whiskey.

    Secondly, Crown Royal is, and has been mass produced for years. There is really nothing special about their whiskey. Unless you have the XR (extra rare). Furthermore, Crown has basically used the same recipe for a very long time. So the whiskey in your bottle is the same as the whiskey in a new bottle.

    Even being from the 60’s, unless you find some collector looking for that specific bottle, its not worth much more than a new bottle.

  • Unholy God Imbiber
    7 days ago

    1966 was a vintage year for Crown Royal making that bottle worth 10X its normal price. Figure it at $224.

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