universal rims? What does that mean?

They are 5 lug rims.

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  • mrfixit64857
    1 month ago

    “universal rims” or, more accurately, “UNILUG” rims are Rims that have elongated lug openings and a large “hub” opening to accomodate many different lug patterns, be it Ford, Dodge, or Chevy. Since they are 5 lug rims, obviously, they will only fit a 5-lug car. But you need to be careful with these. Width is a huge concern these days, as is that center hub… some cars rely on what are called “HUB – PILOTED” wheels, which means the center hub MUST fit snugly, as the HUB bears the weight, NOT the lugs.

    Also, “UNILUG” rims are NOT for performance. They are more for show than for go. Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, though. they will do fine on many older cars and look good doing it.

  • wheeington
    5 days ago

    Universal Rims

  • Brooks
    6 days ago

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    universal rims? What does that mean?

    They are 5 lug rims.

  • Derek D
    1 month ago

    it’s not really a “universal” rim, it’s just a dual drilled rim. That means it fits two different bolt patterns. Usually a 5/100-5/114.3.

  • MiaDiva28
    1 month ago

    Universal rims should fit just about any car/make/model/tire.

    1 month ago

    universal rims will fit on many types of cars the bolt pattern is not specific to one vehicle. take a measuring tape and measure center of hole to center of hole on your rim and center of lug to center of lug to see if they will match up.

  • john t
    1 month ago

    It means it is machined for different bolt patterns.

  • gandhi1078
    1 month ago

    universal means it should fit any thing

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