unique sanskrit name for a civil engineering consultancy?

it should be unique, sound good, impressive and reflecting growth, happiness & prosperity

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Well I think it might be nice to have the name as aadhara आधार which means foundation, since that is what civil engineers do, build the foundation of a shelter, of a home, and of a new life

  • Akhil
    1 month ago

    VISHWAKARMA (विशवकर्मः).

    Vishwakarma has depicted in the epics as a great shilpi(शिलपि,civil engineer) of ancient Sanskrit times.All great ancient cities and palaces depicted in the epics are believed to be designed and constructed by Vishwakarma.He is considered as Deva shilpi(देवशिलपि,Divine engineer) and is the first engineer in Hindu belief.There is no other names better suits your institution.

    1 month ago

    धीरता Dhiirataa MEANING : fortitude

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