Toyota Yaris 2006 rear door wont open?

Rear passenger door will not open from inside or outside, any ideas how to fix without wrecking the inner door liner?

3 Answers

  • thebax2006
    8 days ago

    Get to the back seat from the side that opens and remove the seat bottom. Now you need to remove the interior panel on the door which won’t open to get to the latch mechanism to diagnose why it’s not opening. It may be as simple as a loose rod from the handle to the latch mechanism or a bad latch mechanism.

  • ?
    8 days ago

    The mechanism that unlocks/locks any car door should be mechanical in nature. If a child lock cause proves unfruitful, then there may be something wrong inside the door. The part is expensive, but the labor isnt.

  • Anonymous
    8 days ago

    could be a child lock feature. check your owners manual. look on the drivers door like where all the window controls and that are and look for a button that says something like “child lock”. also i have seen before there is a little latch thing on one of the rear doors that you need to flip with a scre driver and it engages this feature so look on the door that does open for something like that.

    also i have seen on a chrysler 300 that had the same problem. to open it you had to push the unlock button and a millisecond later try to open the door from the inside.

    last resort. smash window and fuckup door so looks like someone broke in then call insurance and they will fix

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