To Make a Real Bet,Do you have to Shake on it?

me and my dad made a bet on 10 dollars but we didn’t shake on it so does that mean he doesn’t have to pay me

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  • Giovani
    1 month ago

    it is customary to shake to sign a deal, agreement or promise, back before the 60’s

    a handshake was a legal way to agree making business and was acceptable in court

    today no……………….but a handshake between family and friends MOST feel it is binding

    You and your father didn’t have to shake hands because you each have a trust for one another, AND YOUR WORDS are enough ………………….and I gave you a star

  • brody
    5 days ago

    Yes you do have to shake on it because shaking the other persons hands states you have full agreement in the bet

  • Clairerox13
    1 month ago

    Shaking hands doesn’t make or break a bet.

    He just doesn’t want to pay up lol

  • VADA~!!!
    1 month ago

    Sometimes, if someone loses a bet, they say “I dont have to pay because we didn’t shake. Shake to be safe!!! LOL!

  • dr.pepper
    1 month ago

    well those ARE the rules for a bet. Next time u bet, make sure u shake on it, and make your dad say those are the only rules!

  • son of Farmer
    5 days ago

    No never because you already agreed

  • Berke
    5 days ago

    real betshake

  • Pamela G
    1 month ago

    well I think so but to others maybe not

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