this is swiss german Uiuiui flotte Bursch.wat does it mean in english?

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  • Matt P
    1 month ago

    Uiuiui flotte Bursch

    Uiuiui = wow!

    “Wow! (what a) sharp dude!” something like that

  • Aiolos_san
    1 month ago

    Uh, not really… Teafico is right about Bursch meaning boy, lad. But “flotte” used here means not navy (it would have been written in capital letter, by the way.). Here it means: handsome, cute, nice (characteristically nice.).

  • Teafico
    1 month ago

    I’m not sure of “uiuiui” but “Flotte” is a term for the Navy, and “Bursch” is an old term similiar to “lad” so… Navy Lad/Boy :U

  • Rain
    1 month ago

    wow (oh )smart (lively, jaunty, snazzy, dashing) lad (bloke, chap)

    uiuiui : wow, oh

    flott : smart, lively, jaunty, snazzy, dashing

    Bursch : lad, bloke, chap

  • squeaky guinea pig
    1 month ago

    I think it means, ‘heyheyhey, fit guy’

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