Thinking about becoming a mechanic, know nothing about cars?

I hate my major and was thinking of becoming a mechanic. The community college seems to have a pretty good associates degree program, however I know very little about cars, tools or anything technical and manly. I was hoping to maybe enroll this summer or next fall but I should probably get a solid foundation before I go in blind. Can anyone recommend some books or a direction to go in?

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  • Robert M
    9 days ago

    I would recommend the UTI schools for this. You can start by buying the REVELL “visible engine” toy building kit. This will get you to know a bit about engines. Cars these days are like James Bond types. They are run by computers and get complicated more each year. They haveawnings systems,airbags. tire pressure monitoring systems, 3 or more computers to run the engine and trans ALONE. FIFTEEN to twenty computers are on nearly every car these days. EXPENSIVE to learn and kknow about. GOOD LUCK!

  • ?
    9 days ago

    I recommend that you go and talk to the counselors or instructors at the trade school or community college you wish to attend.

    They will be able to recommend text books that are actually used in the classes.

    This will save you having to pay for books you may not need and give you the advantage to study ahead of time and learn relevant material before going to class.

    They’ll also be able to provide you with a required tool list for the classes.

  • Anonymous
    9 days ago

    You should go to an auto shop and work and just help out, even if it is just watching, see if that is really the career you want and you can learn a couple things. Also if you go a junk yard let’s say pick n pull, you could mess around with cars and stuff. But just don’t get caught breaking things and stuff.

  • timmy
    9 days ago

    i would try and get a job first.. or talk to mechanics you know i am a mechanic and guy that works there went to uti and pretty much was trained and graduated but when comming to work he had never done anything with steering or suspention.. all he new how to do was rebuild engines and pm (perventative mantiance) he spent i think he said like 13,000 grand on school and we dont even rebuild engines waste of time..

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