The second coming of gluttony ch 1

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catarvass 2 years ago

Holy crap this novel has been adapted

fugogugo 2 years ago

I recognize this title. is it korean novel?

[deleted] 2 years ago


Ch4rly727 2 years ago

Is this going to be a weekly release?

Sav10r 2 years ago

The art style already has interested.

Ignaris 2 years ago

Alright. One of my favorite novels in recent memory. The art style seems appropriate for the feels we will get. I’m excited.

MeliodasUQ 2 years ago

I’m on chapter 50 on this novel. I love it so much, the hype is REAAAAAAAL! now that I know there’s a webtoon, seeing as I’m learning hangul (hopefully it’s in korean) I can read the raws for practice. hehehe.

Kilo181 2 years ago

Huh, Seol looks nothing like I expected him to look. Happy that this is getting an adaption though, one of the best KR novels being translated atm

SCDarkSoul 2 years ago

Not what I expected to be finding today. I should probably go actually read the webtoon version of Solo Leveling too. Read the novel for that and for this, but didn’t make the transition.

From what I’ve seen, the art isn’t quite as food as Solo Leveling as other people have mentioned, but it’s still pretty decent. Being able to put faces to some of the characters may be nice.

There’s art of some of the characters that currently exists. Pixiv album with some character art: Link. The princess is the 1st picture, the main character is the 5th. Others are girls that obviously aren’t in the 1st picture.

pisspoopisspoopiss 2 years ago

Damn, wasn’t expecting this, it’s happening!

[deleted] 2 years ago


Misc-Things 2 years ago

Im glad this got picked up. The art looks quite good.

Overoul 2 years ago

Holy Fucking shit.. It’s here.

ILikeWeebShit 2 years ago

About time this was adapted. One of the best novels around!

granbluelover 2 years ago

Thank god this got a webcomic adaptation!

HoboBobby 2 years ago

If the quality of this manwha is anything similar to the quality of the web novel we’re all in for a treat

erocommander 2 years ago

Yooooo For Real?!?!

This get adapted? Move out the way Solo Leveling, the second coming is here.

Llenhard 2 years ago

Hmm, the novel’s is a tad bit detailed about certain things and others(such as callbacks to another series) I wonder if they can adapt those properly as our MC’s circumstances and mysteries are freaking complicated if not a bit weird.

Otherwise, getting a manhwa is great. SL art is not something you can really top, but that is the only thing going for it.

chucke1992 2 years ago

The art is good – feels like the art from the novel – though Teresa and Seol looked cleaner and more healthy than I envisioned them when reading the prologue in the novel. Also, the artists has cut certain things. Let’s how the action part will cope.

Pacify_ 2 years ago

The best translated series atmo hands down, it’s not even close.

Hope this adaptation is good. The gritty art style fits the tone of the series well, so far looks pretty promising. Making it more light hearted and shounen-ish would have been my biggest worry about an adaption

ChillinGrillinYo 2 years ago

Wooooow! This masterpiece finally got adapted! Best KR novel ive read yet

Sephiroso 2 years ago

The art is definitely gritty which is a good thing. They’re not trying to revert the mc’s age to be a teenager and didn’t make Teresa look like a pornstar. Looks pretty realistic to me and accurate portrayal from the novel. Thought the MC’s title was Berserker though.

YuYaShiro 2 years ago


Drehon666 2 years ago


And the art is amazing! Double Yessssss

conankudo1610 2 years ago

Great novel, I hate the current cliff.

Sexultan 2 years ago

inb4 this becomes Solo Leveling’s coming 2.
Judging by what others say this should be good

Jonnyred25 2 years ago

Just a couple days ago I let my friend spoil a lot of the plot for this.

berserkering 2 years ago

Love this Korean web novel. Hopefully the webtoon is good too. Looks good so far.

Foreverest2000 2 years ago

Oh god it’s finally happening! My favorite korean novel is getting an adaptation. If the manhwa properly adapts the novel I can’t wait for it to shoot up in popularity within the community, possibly to the level of Solo Leveling (IMO the story telling in SCOG is superior but the Art in SL is better).

Time Capsule – I’m marking my presence in the first chapter, and will come back once it hopefully becomes popular because this novel after all the translation issues, deserves it.

GenericMemesxd 2 years ago

Looks interesting. Might have to check out the novel now

cantfartloud 2 years ago

would love if someone could give me a heads up, whats the story all about and why people are hyped for it? No spoilers if possible

imaprince 2 years ago

Not a bad first chapter. Though, story beats and the summary remind me of several things I’ve already read lol.

Derpybaka 2 years ago


Telinary 2 years ago

Hmm the reception makes me curious enough to try the wn for once to see whether it is actually good.

[deleted] 2 years ago

It’s not how I imagined the characters, but I guess I’ll give it a shot. Especially because this last chapter has me extremely hyped, and I want to see what that looks like.

Withinmyrange 2 years ago

Wow this looks cool

Venersis 2 years ago


-SmiLe-_- 2 years ago

This is pretty damn good my mouth was wide open for few minutes after reading it

Telinary 2 years ago

So read part of the WN now, not bad though it has plenty “MC gets unearned advantages and others are impressed by it.”

Basically the way people are invited determines how many goodies they get at the start, he got an super special gold invite so he got some useful stuff, extensive info about the tutorial (up to the precise positions of items for a easter egg search like mission) and an item that multiplies all points he earns during it by 10. With some help from his past future self and the cheat sheet he gets loads of points then gets them multiplied by 10. And the points can be used to buy stuff and only those with high points at the beginning might buy from a special shop at all.

Then there are missions, one of them is labeled difficulty impossible and is pretty much impossible (and failing combat missions usually means death) so the only way to win is having a gold invite and using an consumable that wins the whole mission for you without any effort. You just need to be willing to go into an deathtrap relying on an item without real description being an I win button (which is super stupid…) Of course it has great rewards. So getting gold gives an enormous tutorial advantage and then gives the most rewarding neutral zone mission as a freebie if you are willing to bet on some item and it or some other cheat is the only way to do that mission. And then people are impressed by him passing it even if it is just because he is extremely sponsored.

I mean he is the protag so of course he is exceptional on his own but I find such freebies annoying especially when other characters don’t remark on it being handed to him.

Supporting characters are so so.

Cayden68 2 years ago

The art style, solo leveling’s biggest strength, is not nearly as good in this series, hopefully, that changes soon

Gdach 2 years ago

Everyone is hyped about it, so I’m wondering how is it. First impressions gave me the feeling it will be another edgy power fantasy. Don’t mind spoilers, would be good to have general summary.

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