The nurse should apply a topical medication to:

The nurse should apply a topical medication to:

A. cutaneous surfaces.

B. one consistent spot.

C. the arm.

D. the shoulder.

1 Answers

  • Anthony Block
    97 days ago

    The topical medication is the medication that applied to the skin and only to that place which is affected. The topical medication usually includes a wide range of creams, ointments, gels, and lotions. This type of medication is usually applied in such areas for pain relief and specific problems in a particular area of the body.

    The arm, shoulder, and a consistent sport are not specified for the medication. These places might require topical medication but only if required. And in these places, the medication is applied only to the surface of the skin and not pass on to the bloodstream.

    Hence, options b, c, and d are incorrect.

    The main characteristic of these medications is the place where they should apply. They always apply on skin, mucus surface, or the cutaneous surface in that body.

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