The meaning of this poem?

The poem is called

The balloon

by Emily Dickinson

here is the poem

You’ve seen balloons set, haven’t you?

So stately they ascend

It is as swans discarded you

For duties diamond.

Their liquid feet go softly out

Upon a sea of blond;

They spurn the air as ‘t were too mean

For creatures so renowned.

Their ribbons just beyond the eye,

They struggle some for breath,

And yet the crowd applauds below;

They would not encore death.

The gilded creature strains and spins,

Trips frantic in a tree,

Tears open her imperial veins

And tumbles in the sea.

The crowd retire with an oath

The dust in streets goes down,

And clerks in counting-rooms observe,

”T was only a balloon.’

what is the meaning of this poem

i am pretty sure its not discriping a ballon

whats the real meaning of this poem


and serious answers please

2 Answers

  • Samantha M
    1 month ago

    i’m sure you could find a better answer for this by googling it, but it seems to me like it could be about peoples’ dreams and aspirations. she could be comparing the balloons to peoples’ fanciful wishes.. they ascend and swell in potential, rise above ordinary concepts that are rooted to the ground by gravity (represented by the people watching the balloons rise up). by saying “they spurn the air as ‘t were too mean for creatures so renowned,”she might mean that dreams are too wonderful for the real world. but a balloon is very susceptible to breaking, and is caught in a tree, just as peoples dreams are shot down and destroyed very easily. worse yet, people dismiss the downfall is nothing exceptional or tragic. “twas only a balloon,” just as people very easily overlook fallen dreams and aspirations as only insignificant things.

  • Book Blizzard
    1 month ago


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