The drug colchicine prevents the spindle’s microtubules

The drug colchicine prevents the spindles microtubules from forming or growing what would happen in mitosis to a cell that was given colchicine throughout mitosis

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  • Zonia Guillemette
    85 days ago

    The correct answer is : colchicine will arrest the mitosis in metaphase and chromosomes will not separate (nondisjunction) and lead to polyploidy

    Detailed Explanation:

    Colchicine is an alkaloid which is obtained from Colchicum autumnale and it is believed to interfere with cell division by inhibiting the formation of spindle fibers and hence it arrests the process of mitosis in the the metaphase stage. So if a cell is given colchicine throughout mitosis, spindle fibers would not be formed in metaphase and hence chromosomes would not separate during the anaphase stage of the cell division process leading to nondisjunction of chromosomes and ultimately causing polyploidy (doubling of chromosomes).

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