the creative curriculum disadvantages?

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  • gothika
    1 month ago

    a creative mode of teaching is only disadvantageous if the curriculum is not well-rounded.

    my son goes to a developmental school that teaches him academics in the most creative means possible, simply because he is gifted in art and science. he learns math through computer games, reading through painting, and manners and values through theatrics.

    but, to make the individualised program more holistic, the school also employs sports every friday, and 2 hours of regular class integration daily. here, my son is exposed to the usual recitation, group experiments, and so on.

    so as long as the creative curriculum is founded and planned based on a child’s overall development (physical, mental, emotional), then there shouldn’t be any problem.

  • themom
    1 month ago

    The disadvantages I find are children are not learning to follow simple step by step instructions. I also find that it doesn’t incourage children to step out of their own confort zone. A child who love to draw may never explore dramatic play or blocks and visa visa.

    I find this curriculum to be good but sometimes it doesn’t do enouph.

  • EC Expert
    1 month ago

    It’s much harder to implement than many others since it requires that the teacher follow the children’s interests and needs. It requires close observation of individual children and planning for activities to meet a wide variety of needs and interests.

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