That time i got reincarnated as a slime free manga

I would like to read the manga.

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you can read it here click here (manga dex)


here click here (mangafreak)

RelatablePopcornFire 1 year ago

I recommend this site

Much better translation than mangadex for the first half of the manga

LucaDag9 1 year ago

You can read the manga on MangaDex up to Chapter 78, and the JP raws come out on the 26th of each month. After that, it takes a few days to translate and edit the manga for release.

No_More_Beans2 1 year ago

I reccomend either
Or mangadex since mangfreak takes too long and doesnt have most of the spinoffs

GodNZY 1 year ago

I recommend Mangadex unless chapters aren’t missing. I recommend buying the official release ones to support the series instead.

Myself i’m re-reading the whole series from the official and seeing how different translates are to the fans version.

ECKoonz 1 year ago

The manga is just starting the Walpurgis Arc with the Demon Lords convening at their meeting table.

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