Swimming with a septum piercing?

I got my septum pierced and I do swimming in school, is it harmful to swim in the local pool with the piercing and if it is, what can i do to protect it?


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  • blue eyed devil
    1 month ago

    the chlorine in the pool will kill any harmful bacteria in the water, however it is best to give it a few weeks to heal slightly.

    also the chlorine will aid the healing process of your piercing, but still keep up the cleaning with cooled boiled water and natural sea salt being the best cleaner for it…….

    however if you should notice any sign of an infection (which is unlikely) leave the earring in place and see your GP.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    you shouldnt swin in water with chlorine for atleast 2 weeks after youve had your septum pierced, but if you HAVE to and absolutly HAVE to swim then make sure u clean it BEFORE and AFTER you swin, to clean just dry the area and use a salt water solution, but my best advice would be to try and get a sick note, say u have the flu or something

    good luck

  • Gypsy Wolf
    1 month ago

    You really shouldn’t swim with a fresh piercing. But if you absolutely have to then make sure you clean it as soon as you get out of the pool. Think about it, how long do those little kids stay in the water and never once get out to use the restroom? You don’t want that getting in your piercing.

  • joto
    5 days ago

    as quickly as I had mine performed it took fairly a jointly as to heal because of the fact the piercing is companies to an infection. i could propose 4-6 weeks healing time at a bare minimum as for swimming i does no longer advise it so quickly when you have it performed. wish this enables.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I’m not sure if this goes for septum too but i was told to put neosporin around my navel piercing when i go swimming and to clean it really well with the cleaner they gave me when i get out.

    But if your gonna swim then do make sure you at least clean it when you get out and all that.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Since it is ‘school’ swimming, then I doubt too many people are peeing in the pool. The only thing to be concerned about is all the chemicals in the water that may/may not effect your piercing. If it starts burning then I’d get out of the pool, or try not to get your face wet. Clean with peroxide afterwards and you should be good to go 🙂

  • Olivia Mommy Of Brooke
    1 month ago

    Hi im from a family of body piercers. Its fine to swim with it just rinse afterwards if its less than 8 weeks old. no protection needed.

  • thorn
    1 month ago

    yeh its harmful, think of all the bacteria and stuff in the water (think kids pee in pools =|)

    it can cause infections, you should just stay out of publec water for a while, you cant really do anything to protect it cept not go or put your head under

    theres more about it on the healing page on www.mega-mods.com

  • Damien I. C. King
    1 month ago

    if the septum is anywhere near other places on the body that end in -tum i would have imagined the piercing to be rather painful

  • Ashley
    1 month ago

    id wait a few weeks for it to heal more before swimming. i mean it should be fine, but i wouldnt wanna take any chances

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