Sweet sixteen trivia questions?

I’m having my 16th birthday party in a few weeks, and we’re gonna do a trivia game about me. I’m aiming for about 30 questions. Here’s some I have already, and I’d like some more silly, funny ones. (I’m a girl by the way haha).

1: What is my middle name?

2: What color are my eyes?

3: What are the two colors I have dyed my hair?

4: What is my favorite foreign food?

5: What Dixie song best describes me?

6: What foreign country does one of my cousins live in?

7: If it was my mum’s choice to name me when I was born, what two names did she have in mind?

8: What was my favorite color when I was little?

9: What bug do I hate the most?

10: What candy do I hate the most?

11: What sport have I played the longest?

12: What song did I sing the first time I sang in front of an audience?

13: What do I want to study in university?

14: How many cats have I had?

15: What is my phone’s name?

16: What was the first accent I learned to do?

17: What TV show do I claim to be my soap opera?

18: What is the first thing my dad said when I was born?

Thanks so much!

1 Answer

  • Mitchell
    8 days ago

    19. What website/app am I most addicted to?

    20. What is my favorite type of pet?

    21. What animal do I find most adorable?

    22. If I had a woodchuck, how much wood would it chuck?

    23. Who is my role model?

    24. What celebrity am I most similar to?

    25. What band represents me?

    26. Who is my superhero?

    27. What is my favorite holiday?

    28. What is my favorite place to shop?

    29. What is my favorite restaurant?

    30. Where would my dream home be?


    What is my favorite place?

    If I were an animal, what would I be?

    What is my dream job?

    What job should I have?

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