Suzuki rm125 road legal?

I am seeing lots of supposedly road legal suzuki rm125 for sale but many people say it is impossible to get a road legal one of these but they have got tax mot registration etc so dont know what to think

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  • A-Two
    8 days ago

    as per timbo – and that will cost you 5 years to recover!

  • gunger
    4 days ago

    Rm 125 Road Legal

  • Timbo is here
    8 days ago

    Even if made road legal it will never be insurable by a provisional licence holder.

    If it really does pump out 30bhp it will require regular rebuilds to just keep it going and the gearing is unlikely to be any good for road use anyway.

    What you need to think is that until you are 19 you cannot ride anything bigger than 125cc or more powerful than 14.7 bhp, because that is the law. try to get round it if you can find a way but bet on this – insurance companies and Police officers know all the tricks that you can think of and loads more you can’t.

  • ?
    8 days ago

    I dont think they come road legal as standard. It’s possible that they been registered for road use by the owners, then fitted with all the essentials (Lights, numberplate, speedo etc). The bike will then be able to go for an MOT (Either Daytime or Full). There’s also off-road bikes like the Honda CR500, which was designed for off-road use. BUT you can sometimes see them being sold as fully road legal, but it’s rare because there’s not many around.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    The RM125 was not designed to be an on road bike. It has none of the DOT required equipment and the title can not be registered as a street legal machine. To convert this to street legal condition would require more expense than the bike is worth.

  • ANDY
    8 days ago


    Basic answer is even if made road legal unless they restrict it on power it would not conform to A1 Light Motor Bike regulations.

    It would (if left unrestricted) have to be registered as a Group A2 Medium Motor Bike. Personally I have a Full A Licence. But if I was restricted to a A2 it would not be no 125 2 stroke that is hard to insure.

    Andy C

  • helander
    5 days ago

    Rm125 For Sale

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