Statistics question… Multiple choice! Please help?

The academy of orthopedic surgeons states that 80% of women wear shoe that are too small for their feet. A researcher wants to be 98% confident that this proportion is within 3% of the true proportion. How large a sample is necessary? 966; 683; 1183; or 484

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  • ChinaTown12345
    1 month ago

    hey britt d, well first you need to know the Confidence Interval equation, once you know that we know that the right hand side of the equation is equal to m(margin of error) therefore m=3% or .03=Z*(sqrt of pq/n)

    .03=(z* of .01)because 1-.98,.02/2,.01= 2.32635

    pq=.16 (.8*.2)

    then just solve for n

    so n=( .16) / ((.03/2.32635)^2)=966

    ther ya go! a lot of work but rather simple if you understand the formula 😀

  • ?
    4 days ago

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