Specification: X50 CD-ROM Would I use this to make backups? If not, what would I use it for?

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    In modern times (Gosh, how quickly things change!)  a CD could be used, but does not hold much data compared with other forms of storage.  But a CD could be useful if you want to send a medium amount of data by post, and you know that the recipient has a CD drive.

    A CD holds 650 or 700 Mb. A DVD holds 4.7 Gb. Jump drives, flash drives, ‘memory sticks’, USB drives, or whatever you call them hold from 16 Gb to 128 Gb (even 256 GB), depending on which one you buy.External hard drives hold 500 Gb,1 Tb or more, depending on which one you buy.

    So check how big the total file mass in your computer is and buy a bigger drive.  Best to buy one holding more that twice your needs, then you can have two back ups, and only delete the older one when you know that the data has stored properly into the new one.

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