Some replacement ideas for Max Factor Pan Stick Make Up?

Now that Max Factor items are gone and I can’t get my pan stick make up, I’m wondering what some of you have replaced yours with. I wore “nude ivory”. I recently found a stick make up from L. A. Colors that’s nots so bad, but can’t seem to match the color yet. What can you suggest?

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  • M C
    1 month ago

    They still sell Max Factor exclusivley through, they are the only ones left in the US that have a contract to sell it. The only other Stick foundation I would recommend would be NARS but it is very expensive. I say just stick with Max Factor and just purchase online through I just checked and they have all Pan Stick colors in stock. Hope this helps!

    M –

  • fracier
    5 days ago

    Pan Stik Max Factor

  • FernandoB
    6 days ago

    Hands down………..Flower Skincognito stick foundation found at Walmart. It is about $8.99 and it is just as good. I have tried all of the expensive replacements, and this is the best by far. I didn t care about price, I wanted a replacement for my pan stik, This is cheap and great!!

  • Minusthehero
    8 days ago

    Dermablend cover creme. I was devastated when they stopped selling Max Factor here in the USA. had my color for a short period of time, but never seem to have nude ivory anymore. I discovered dermablend cover creme at macys, it's a bit pricey ($38) but last a very long time. (nothing seems to top the panstick though) :/

  • Lauren the Football Princess
    1 month ago

    You might need to spend more money than you are used to if you want a good foundation stick. Mostly all of the ones that I know of are high end. I`ll give you some links for some good foundation sticks:……

    Hope I helped. Good luck.

  • Emily Kay
    1 month ago

    Try using Avon. You can check it out at my website.

  • Straedey R
    7 days ago

    in any brand

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