Smashbox vs. Makeup Forever foundation?

I have tried many foundations and have not found one with a yellow undertone like MAC has. My next options are Smashbox or MUFE. (I stoped using MAC beacause it broke me out) If I could get opinions as to which has worked for you that would be great.

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  • ska_chick74
    1 month ago

    Make Up For Ever makes fantastic foundations. I have tried both their HD and matte formulations. The finish and coverage was perfect. I’ve also tried Smashbox and found it to just be okay. Nothing special, nothing horrible. If you’re going to go out and spend the money you may as well get something fantastic and you will definitely get that with Make Up For Ever.

  • beanerz388
    1 month ago


  • corrie
    4 days ago

    i discover that the colour decision and formulation are extra distinctive than those modern-day in drugstores. even nevertheless over the years I easily have seen the familiar strengthen and a few are actually equivalent to the better ends producers. i admire that there are testers too. The staying potential looks extra effective and the formulation are real to style (creamy, powder, etc.) they’re very high priced nevertheless, as you have pronounced. it is the only makeup product the place i will splurge!

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