Simile or metaphor for silence?

The silence was___________

please help!!!

7 Answers

  • gamma_wave
    1 month ago

    Silence was deafening.

    This is a metaphor. Go with a metaphor because they are cooler and harder to think of.

  • noooodle
    1 month ago


    the silence was like the last autumn leaf


    the silence was a cast of shadow..

    really depends on how you would follow the lines or the idea you want to evoke.

  • Miss C
    1 month ago

    Possible word to put in your “blank” is golden which makes this a simile ..with a simile you are usually saying something is like something else eg rose as red as blood. With a metaphor you are describing the thing as if it was something else eg the waves galloped up the shore.

    hope this helps

  • david e
    1 month ago

    an entity cascading through a realm noise.

    like an empty library.

    a room of mutes having a conversation.

    the lull you get in the midst of a tornado.

    a surreal concept in a word dominated by noise.

    like the silence a mother hears upon checking her baby.

    resonating amongst every cell in his/her brain, an unbearable hush that made her/him want to cry

    a nothingness

    like a prison with in a world without laws.

    Thats all i can think of, good luck with whatever it is you are trying to achieve.

  • Snugbug90
    1 month ago

    The silence was… empty; yet full of meaning.


  • java
    1 month ago

    …a feather floating through space.


  • bottomburps
    1 month ago


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