Sigur Ros lyrics in English?

I really like the Icelantic band Sigur Ros. The music is great, even though in a different language. But I wonder what they are saying and what the song means. Does anyone know a site that has English translation of the Sigur Ros lyrics? Thanks!

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  • Bye
    1 month ago

    1) Here is a great site with both the Icelandic and English translations of many of their songs:

    2) Indeed some of the songs contain (or are entirely made up of) Jonsi’s own wordless singing that’s been called Vonlenska, or Hopelandic (because of the first song it appeared in). It’s not really so much an invented language, as just Jonsi’s attempt to use his voice more as an instrument rather than just a deliverer of lyrics. For my taste, I love it either way.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Sigur Ros Lyrics

  • Olive
    1 month ago

    Only some of their songs are in Icelandic. They sing some songs in “gibberish”…sort of a made up ‘language’ so there are no translations for those songs. And some songs are a mixture of Icelandic and gibberish. But I think there are some translations of a few songs on their website:

    Sigur Rós are amazing, hope you enjoy it 🙂

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