Sehat mand capsules “body and beauty face”?

I am looking for a website to buy this “capsules” named Sehat Mand. Its kind of a steroids type “as I heard” but it makes you hungry and basically is a good way to gain weight. I couldnt find a way to order it online so If you know a link please do tell!!

Thank you in advance!

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  • Nat
    8 days ago

    I researched by surfiing through all references

    to Sehat mand and was unable to find anything connected

    to body/beauty treatment. I did find a non-prescription drug

    under that name that is suppose to

    increase fertility in both male and females.

    A good source for information on this, since it is non-prescription

    would be a health foods/ medicinal shop or

    perhaps your doctor. I saw steroid associated with the

    name, but it didn’t go into specifics

    I would consult my doctor about any non-prescription steroid based


  • usman
    6 days ago

    Hallo sir mare age 18 year ha or mo bhot hi sokha howa hoin or mera waght 25kg ha plz koi asi dowa dain jo k khane sy koch hi deno ma moje frk mahsos ho jy

  • Muhammad Arsalan
    5 days ago

    koi side effect ni hai bht he kaaramad capsule han

    or kisi b bary medical store per mil jyen gy agr peshawar se han to sikandar poray me milty han online ni milty…ok

  • Sayed Khalid
    7 days ago

    Hey do you know anyone about its side effect of this Capsule

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    how to safety and healty of every day??

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