Sebastian michaelis age?

Also i would like to know his birth date xD


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  • Jellal
    8 days ago

    well, he’s hundreds of years old because he’s a demon, and i dont know if they gave him a birthday, or even an EXACT age XD

  • Cheyenne
    5 days ago

    In the manga and anime wiki it has no know information about MR.Sebastian considering he is a demon. He looks to be in his early twenties so if you wanted a human age I would say about 22 or 24 years of age and for demon years at least over 1000 years. In the anime sebastian says I have traveled for 1000 s of years looking for a yummy soul!

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    I don’t think that Sebastian was ever human, and if he was I highly doubt they would show him. And I don’t think he was ever a “younger demon” (I really doubt he ages). I think his human form has always been the way it is, and again if there was another human form I don’t think they would ever show it. Like Sebastian said to Grell when he hit him with his death scythe in hopes of seeing his past; this life for him began the day he made a contract with Ciel, that was the day he became “Sebastian Michaelis.” I’m just hoping we get to see his FULL demon form one of these days…. not just his hooker boots 😉

  • ruby
    4 days ago

    in demon years i would say that Sebastian Michealis would be over 1000 years old acourding to his saying that he has searched a thousand years for a yummy soul but this is my anwser for the question in black butler how old is Sebastian

  • Grace
    5 days ago

    I was just reading the manga and in the back, it said that his age is a secret. The caption on his picture says “Mister Sebastian’s current look… (His age is a secret.)

  • Nova
    8 days ago

    No one really knows his exact age or birthdate. But people say he appears late twenties.

  • ?
    4 days ago

    Sebastian Michaelis Age

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