Sagittarius wants to marry me?

This Sagittarius guy i’ve been with for a year wants me to move in and marry me.

I thought they hated commitment and responsibility?

No matter how many times i tell him that he doesn’t want to marry me and that it won’t be fun he insists. he even tried to get me pregnant.

Is this normal behavior or is he trying to trick me?

I’m a Scorpio btw.

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  • GuruGuru (The Windmill Guy)
    1 month ago

    Good for you scorpio, that a sag finds commitment and takes it seriously. I am a scorpio who was once in love with a sag girl. Didnt turn out so well, as she fit her free spirited ways to a T. but two years later she found herself a new guy, got engaged, and moved in together after buying a new home. Thats her way of telling me to F off.!(From my point of view of coarse)

    Im not trying to make things sound dire, but i would be very cautious of your mate. In my experience, Scorpios should be very suspicious of sagittarians.

  • Ramona
    1 month ago

    hm think twice every scorpio-saggitarius marriage I’ve seen has ended in divorce within 14 years.

    He has more than one sign. Probably some capricorn and scorpio in him that makes him more serious and responsible.

    It won’t be fun? Marriage is not fun its really serious and boring most the time (more lively if you don’t have kids). This guy doesn’t know what marriage is about! It doesn’t sound like you really want to marry him and in order for a marriage to be successful don’t you both have to want it for the right reason? It sounds like he wants kids, not necessarily to spend the rest of his life with you because youre “the one”. If you can’t trust him I don’t think you should marry him. If you think you want to marry him I suggest you move in with the guy and see how you get along before you have kids or a marriage holding you together. Its going to get worse before it gets better… Good luck honey I sincerely wish you the best.

  • oceano
    1 month ago

    Message me the Moon (emotions) and Venus (love) signs of both of you. If you’re not sure, then message me the birthdates of both of you and I will make sure to figure it out for you 🙂

    But based on your Sun sign (overall personality) compatibility:

    You are different in many ways: very often, he feels lighthearted and enthusiastic about some idea, project, plan or dream, and feels that you are too myopic and stubborn to appreciate optimistic plans. Also, he loves festivities and socializing while you often feel uncomfortable with large groups of people, and prefer a deeper, more intimate involvement with just a few people rather than carousing with a large group. You are capable of tremendous concentrated and persistent effort whereas he prefers to do a little bit of everything: traveling and developing a wide sphere of interests and activities, rather than being limited to a few activities.

    Also, your feelings usually run much deeper than his feelings, so he frequently fails to appreciate the depth of feeling that you experience. You become very attached, emotionally, to a love partner and doesn’t easily share his attention and affection with anyone else. He, on the other hand, is something of a flirt and may innocently arouse intense jealousy in you. He can be weighted down by your suspicion, demands for loyalty and wholehearted involvement. Worse, he may simply ignore your needs and not realize how strongly you feel.

    He has a much greater need for freedom. The two of you are so different that it will take a lot of compassion and understanding for you to be together for any length of time.

  • Your one and Only
    1 month ago

    Babe, once a sagittarius finds somthing they like, they want it, and the responsibility. You got him hooked with your scorpio ways haha.

  • silly sagittarius
    1 month ago

    some sagittarius you got there…..its not normal behavior unless a sag fell really hard for someone they love but they can fall out of love just as fast as they fall in love

  • Leli
    1 month ago

    well you can always go by the sign…but

    beware Sagittarius men are known to break hearts ….from what i can tell i wouldn’t want to marry someone in a year…..

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